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Policy Merging

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Hi Guys,


I have an issue at the moment with the way my policies are handles. We resell Eset using the MSP platform and have a central Eset Administration Console. We point all of our clients to this console so there is only one point of configuration.


An issue has come up after I was looking at one of our clients Eset client and noticed that our AV exceptions are not getting merged together.


I currently have it set up so we have a policy for each application that has exceptions. These are all set to Apply and not Force but when looking in the exception list on the Client I noticed that the last policy gets applied.


Is there a way of making it possible for the policies to merge the exception paths when they are presented to the Eset client? We have about 7 of these policies for individual programs so if this isn't a feature I think this should be.


Please help!


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Hi Guys,


I have recently noticed that Antivirus exception lists do not merge together with other policies, is this intended or a bug? I personally would like the feature to be able to have multiple policies for individual programs as we resell Eset and have one central Administrations Console.


For example, if I have two policies, Policy A and Policy B.


I add some antivirus exception paths to both Policy A and B and set the flag on the policies to Apply and not Force. I set B to apply last. What I would like to see is the Antivirus exceptions from policy A and B to be merged and have them both included. I think this is a bit stupid not being able to have multiple policies for multiple pieces of software for multiple clients.


Any one have any ideas or should this be a feature?


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