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ERA 6 - execution order of client tasks

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I've got a question concerning the execution order of client tasks. Is there a possibility to execute the client tasks one after the other instead of all at the same time?

I looked at the trigger settings, but nothing there seemed to fit to my requirements.

I want to execute the client tasks in the following order (ERA 6 Agent is already installed on the clients):

1. show Message window on the client system (wait for approx. 2 minutes)
2. uninstall ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5 client with reboot (wait until message window is closed)
3. install ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6 client (wait until reboot is done)
4. activate ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6 client (wait until installation is finished)

Or is there another possibilty to automate the shown tasks?

Thanks for your help.

- pro_bb -

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @pro_bb,


Yes you can send a message to the client, I ignore how much time is on or if need

the user click after view. I never try that option.


Can't answer about the "triggers" you want to use, however if you try to keep the

user out of the keyboard in the meantime the process is done...


Well I will use like this:


"Dear user,

 We need to update the antivirus protection on your terminal.

 From now on we authorize you to take 1 hour break to drink

 a coffee and read a book.

 Thanks for understand and cooperate with us.


 Sincerely, your IT Department

 Have a nice break-time"


Nevertheless, even the installation of version 6 takes 40 to 50 mins

can be done silently on the terminal, the only thing you need is

between the reboot, in that particular crucial time, the user has to

have saved the work.


You don't need to take the user out. The only thing the user can

see is the Windows Security Center with the pop-ups...


"you not have antivirus" (uninstall)

"your antivirus has a problem (installalation)

"Your antivirus is not activated) (installation complete)

"Your antivirus is not up-to-date) (ESET activated, not updated yet)




Last note: if you send a reboot on the ERAv6 task, the user only will saw a

very nice window pop-up saying "Your session will be close in 1 minute",

and better he has save the work in progress.

Edited by Gonzalo Alvarez
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Unfortunately there's not currently a way to control the task order, or to single-thread them. I have the same problem with some of my tasks. I raised this issue on this forum last year sometime and I think it went on ESET's wishlist.....

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