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Sneaker Net Updates from One Proxy to Another?


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We have a few isolated networks with no Internet or external connectivity and need to be able to update the virus signature database of our Mac OS x systems on the isolated networks.


I have configured ESET Remote Administrator (6.x) on a Windows system connected to the Internet to facilitate downloading the updates but I am confused as to how to manually transfer the updates to our Mac systems with ESET NOD 32 (6.x). I would like to just update the files using a USB but with version 6.x I do not see that option. I have also thought of the possibility of configuring the Apache HTTP Proxy on the Mac and pointing updates locally but I do not see any instructions for installing the proxy on a Mac client.


From my research near as I can tell with version 6.x I am going to need a Windows or Linux system to serve as a proxy on each isolated network in order to update the Mac systems. In total I am only updating about 10 Macs and would like to avoid having to specifically configure a Windows or Linux proxy for each one Mac to get updates. Also, if I go this route can I manually place the files in a folder on the isolated network proxy server since these will also not have Internet access?


I may be way off and just can't find the correct documentation. If anyone has ideas or can direct me to the best solution for sneaker netting the updates to the isolated network and updating Mac OS x please provide guidance.

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You could serve the updates over HTTP using a local web server such as IIS or Apache that is on your isolated segment.  You would be able to manually drop the definitions on to that via USB or other means.  This would be easier than walking to each machine.

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