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era 6 EFS - 4.5x to 6.x upgrade or uninstall?

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I have latest era 6 in a windows environment


I have some servers with eset file security 4.5.*


I would like to move them to latest version (6.*)


I have had a search for how to remove older eset products, but can't find anything.


All I can see are instructions on how to upgrade, which look the same to me as instructions for a new roll out.


Is there a way to run an uninstall of the old product followed by an install of the new?


Or should I just roll out the new product over the top of the old one?


(I am a little nervous as in my experience upgrading or uninstalling older eset products doesn't always work as automatically as I would like - in more than one previous case I have had to manually reinstall an older product before uninstalling it later)





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Hello, it is not possible to perform upgrade of EFSW 4.5 to version 6 using a software install task from ERA, due to enforced restart during the uninstallation of the EFSW 4.5. ERA agent will then report the task as failed, as it could not continue with installing after the restart. This is listed as a known issue for current (and also past) releases of ERA: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5949/


So therefore, upgrade of EFSW 4.5 to version 6 should be done the same way, as described here for the SharePoint product: hxxp://help.eset.com/eshp/6.4/en-US/index.html?installation_upgrade_era.htm

If you do not want to keep the older product configuration, the best way would be:

  1. Uninstall EFSW 4.5 using software uninstall task / choose the application from the list. This will trigger machine restart
  2. Install EFSW 6 using software install task (specify a valid license, so product will be automatically activated)
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I think the short answer in my case is uninstall first, then install the newer version.


What I hadn't realised is that the task for uninstalling an eset product is not under "Eset product security" branch, but under the "Operating system" branch in the admin GUI.


It also looks like I have to uninstall each sub version individually, or is there a way I can uninstall the various sub versions from one task?

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The task is not only for ESET products. Basically, ERA agent is capable of uninstalling any application correctly registered with Windows OS, that supports "silent" uninstall. Basically ERA agents communicates with Windows API, and Windows launches the uninstaller of the application. So using ERA agent, you can uninstall also non-ESET apps (therefore why it is listed under "operating system").


Concerning the versions, there is an option next to the "Package version", where you can click "UNINSTALL ALL VERSIONS OF PACKAGE", which will remove all versions from target computers.

You can easily filter the EFSW 4.5 by creating a dynamic group, where you specify matching conditions for "Application name" and "Application version". And then execute the task on this dynamic group.

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