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Why you destroyed ESET V9 ?

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what happened why you changed the interface ? v8 is the best stable version and very easy to use the settings,when v9 have ugly interface and hard settings very sad for eset smart security [you somehow broken]


most stable version is eset v8 with good interface and easy to use the settings many will use the v8 when v9 from what I've seen and test is full with problems and is not stable sad very sad


if v10 will be the same with v9 then eset smart security is dead the only users who use is the guy with new and strong pc just to update new version and this is sad the company wil lose many users [but what I do that's life]


I gave an example:If now microsoft create windows 20 what to do if my pc is old and works maybe only windows xp or windows 7 i go to buy new pc just to update new windows ? that's stupid i understand you have to do money but must to think not all users is full with money to buy new pc from 2016 or 2017 etc


I'm from romania i win 1 month maybe 150 euro with this money i go to buy new pc come on :lol: after almost 11 years i buy new pc from 2016 very hard

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V9 uses a GUI engine employed by several other AVs and security software. It will enable us to do things that were not possible in older versions.


You wrote that v9 is not stable. Please provide elaborate more on that as we are not aware of any stability issues except one caused by Device Control on Windows 10 Anniversary Update if a Hyper-V service is running and which is triggered by changes in AU. This issue will be addressed in the next version.


As for the need to buy a new computer in order to install and use v9 or v10, I don't see any reason for that. Quite the contrary, v9 is the first to have significantly improved performance by encorporating real-time and http scan optimizations and thus reduced impact on system resources compared to previous versions.

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To speak the reality,

I install a ESET Smart Security version 8 which I upgrade to latest version 9,

on a Celeron computer with 1 GB RAM, on Windows XP SP3.  :)


dear user the eset smart security it will not take long to stop update and create antivirus to works for xp because is 

Outdate and no longer is suport by Microsoft [avira stop update for xp]-[soon avg and avast stop update]


what are you going to do when company stop update for xp and you need maybe new pc to install windows 7/8/10 etc

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  • ESET Staff

Yes, we are aware of Windows XP has no longer support or updates, and thanks for ESET for

still protecting the Win XP users.


In my country, buy a new pc with latest OS for Small and Medium Business is not a problem

(it is for the very small company's, not in crew but in profits).

However many software for financial, catalog, inventory, etc, etc are from previous century

(1980, 90's, 2000's) and only work on Windows XP, and that is the main reason why some

company's still have one or more active pc with Windows XP and need protection.


If you talk to them to migrate to new systems on actual software you will face a "no, we are fine with what we have",

"we want to keep the records" (which lead into another problem, old software with no export capabilities and

the developer is... I don't know (a student in his 20 do the program)"; or "how much this cost me? (a new software

which do what client want)".


And the story continues...

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In my days as a telephone tech, many customers updated their computers first and expected us to keep their outdated telephone

systems working.

You can never make everyone happy.

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i would never say that eset v8 is the most stable version.

program modules/engines needs to be changed/updated regularly/when needed.

this is very important necessity. its understood.

but i don't know why they changed "Advanced setup" gui strcture in v9. 

in v8, it was more organized and easy to use. e.g. in v8 , zone & rule editor, rules were clubbed together automatically  for a specif user program, while in v9 i find they are spread across.., based upon creation!

can you retain that structure ? though i know some about the underlying facts, but who work on ESS, knows better

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