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Schedule push install to offline computer

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Dear all!

I know it is possible to create a push install task, and if the target computer is offline, it will try automatically again after some time to install again the agent for eg. But where can i set this time, or where can i enable this function? Or is this default enabled and i am just unpatient?

Thank you

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Hello, this is currently not possible. Push Installation task is triggered by Server, and Server does not have the information, whether the computer is / is not offline. So the task will be executed, computers which are offline won´t be installed. There is no way how to trigger the task execution when the computer come back online.  The "invoke ASAP if event missed" works only in case, when the server itself was offline at the time of the planned task execution.


note, that the behavior is different in case of a client task "software install". Then, the ERA agent will execute the task at the "earliest time possible", when the computer becomes back online. Difference is, that software install task is executed by ERA agent, which is installed locally on the client.

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