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Are these for real or....


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I have been using NOD 32 for 2 years now; in parallel I tested various other AV's :Avira, Trend Micro, MSE.


All these three have a user friendly minimalistic interface , compared with NOD32. 


In spite of the "scientific" interface with 100's of settings I NEVER got any alert from NOD 32 related to :


  • document protection
  • HIPS
  • self defense
  • advanced memory scanner
  • exploit blocker
  • anti- protection


All I got so far is typical on access or on execution detection or malicious website protection, in fact like any other AV's mentioned above.


At this point anyone can have doubts about all NOD32 settings (are they correct???) or are they doing anything/??


I you ever got any alert from this group mentioned above, please share her, at least I would know that  they are working, somehow. 



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