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Reinstalling ERA6 on same machine and clients. Neccesary actions ?

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Hi All,


The ESET 6 anti-virus server has been messed up at O.S level which is effecting the functionality of ERA server.


I have decided to format the server itself and reinstall the O.S (Windows 7) and ERA 6 server.


On other hand, I am thinking of reinstalling all the clients too (around 100, I know it's hard...) but I have reasons of :


1. Upgrading the version to the latest within Version 6 to able to get the Outlook 2016 Email Client Integration Add-On (currently no Add-On appearing after upgrading to Outlook 2016, it means current version is not supporting....)


2. And to manage properly by doing from scratch, as I have been confusing due to repeated/irrelevant computer names etc.


3. To Configure for better security, currently it's running mostly on default things. Needs to set auto-scan for usb, more settings if require to make if more secure.


4. I welcome your suggestions on client settings for more secure and better manageable. I want to know how you people running the scans ? for removable scan (auto?) , for pc ( weekly full scans?), what alerts are worthy to receive on emails ? I just wonder if there is any way to white list applications to be run on Windows ? (I am not talking about white list for scan).


Note: Appreciate if you can tell any known issues with very latest version of ESET ERA 6 on Windows 7 and ESET Endpoint Security on Windows 7/8/8.1/10. As I have faced the issue of computer hang permanently after upgrading to to ESET 6 from 5 on Windows 7 (it got fixed after installing some MS patch provided by ESET).


Looking forward for your suggestions to get the done smoothly !





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