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Help uninstalling AT&T Support Plus PC Maintenance Toolbox


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I accidentally downloaded AT&T Support Plus PC Maintenance Toolbox ver. by Sutherland Global Services. I tried to uninstall it several times with the Windows Control Panel uninstall program, but it will not uninstall. I scanned my system with ESET to see if the toolbox downloaded a virus or malware that would prevent the program from being uninstalled. No threats were found. I then tried a system restore, however the only restore point available was for the day that the AT&T toolkit was downloaded (how convenient) so it was still in the program list after the system restored itself.


Can anyone explain to me why I could not uninstall it and tell me how to remove it from my system.


Thank you.

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  • Former ESET Employees

Since we don't make the software, it's difficult to say. If standard Control Panel uninstallation methods aren't working and the program folder has no uninstall option, you may need to reach out to AT&T Support for assistance there.


You can also try to contact the product manufacturers, Sutherland Global Services but they don't appear to have any online support options available on their website; only phone numbers you can call based on what region you're in.


Google searches resulted in various sites pushing their own uninstaller tools, none of which appeared trustworthy.


Conclusion: I'd recommend reaching out to AT&T first, then Sutherland if AT&T are unable to help.

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