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how can i install ERA v6 on an alternate drive


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I have the same question.


With ERA 5, I could install the program files on to C drive and everything else (data, logs etc) on to the E drive, which is bigger in size compared to drive C. Can the same be done with ERA 6?

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  • ESET Staff

In case you use component installer of ERA Server, you will be able to specify "Program Files" directory but ERA will still use default "Program Data" directory, which is most probably located on system drive - but contrary to ERAv5, there is almost no data stored in these directories in ERAv6.

In case you would like to move user data (i.e. logs, static objects, ...) due to its size or backup policy to another drive, you should definitely follow manual for database server you are using. Both SQL Server and MySQL do support custom paths for database's filesystem storage.

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