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Web Control Issue


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Dear Sir,


Problem: Web Control can't work proper.Social networking and media streaming block from categories wise website in web control,but after that unable to open any web site and web surfing slow in browser.


System Information:


Os:Window 7 32 Bit

Eset Endpoint Security 6.4.2014.0

Web control Module:Virus signature database: 14155 (20160921)
Internet protection module: 1271 (20160801)
Web content filter module: 1051 (20160412)


(1) Reinstalled Eset Endpoint Security with 6.4.2014.0 but problem as it is.

(2) set global dns

(3) if Paused web-control internet working fine.


So plz sir check for problem.


waiting for prompt replay.

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I'd suggest contacting your local Customer care and providing them with an unfiltered Wireshark log from a successful replication of the issue.

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