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ERA 6.4 creating dynamic group

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I'm completely frustrated about the ERA 6.4.


We have ERA 5.3 and all works fine, but now we want to switch to ERA 6.4.

A technician from ESET told me, that best practice would be to install a brand new server.

So I've done this, but now I have a lot of issues.


One of them is:

How can I create a dynamic group which contains i.e. all systems beginning with si-pc*      --> si-pc01, si-pc02, si-pc03 and so on.

                                                                                                                       or   si-nb*      --> si-nb01, si-nb02, si-nb03 ......



I want to create a group for PCs, a group for Laptops, and a group for servers.


I'm absolutely new in ERA 6.4, so please explain in detail.


Hope someone can help me!



Best regards





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Hello ESET Staff :-)


thanks for your quick answer.

I've tried it exactly like in the old topic described, but when I'm creating the group and assign the group to the new template, I get 0 PCs as a result.


What am I doing wrong?

Please help!  :-)


My expression was:

Device identifier,    Identifier type      Equal          Computer name

Device Identifier,    Identifier value    has prefix    AU-PC


Best regards




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In case you are new to ERA v6 there are two most common mistakes:

  • dynamic groups are evaluated on clients - therefore you have to wait until they receive newly created dynamic group template and report whether they match it or not - have any of those clients connected since? You can also try to wake them up in case your replication interval is higher.
  • dynamic groups are matched on data available on client, therefore in this case you are checking computer name as reported by client, and not name you see in Webconsole. Computer name reported by client can be see in it's client details view in Webconsole.

Hope that helps ...

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