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Eset 10.0.337.1

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm back to version 8.0.319.1 again.


- Nicer lay out

- Runs lighter on my old pc

- I don't like the extra data traffic to ESET servers

- In 8 it's very easy to see the last scan date


I guess I'm not alone in this.


10.0.337.1 has already an update: 10.0.359.1

What's the changelog?

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The latest v10 has the removal of the epfwlwf driver during an upgrade on Windows 10 fixed.


V9 and v10 should be lighter on resources as they have scanning optimized even more compared to previous versions. What do you mean by "extra traffic to ESET servers" ? There should be no extra traffic except the communication during activation compared to older versions.

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Extra traffic to ESET servers


Dimulec wrote:


"I have both versions - V8 on my desktop and V9 on the laptop. According to the NetFlow statistic collected from my router V9 sends a lot more data back to ESET servers. I have all related options disabled but still there is traffic. I don't know what it sends and this bothers me. That is why I don't want to update to V9 on the computer that has a lot of sensitive info."





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