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Server 2012 Crashing with ESET v5

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Hi all,


We have been having an issue with our file server when at random times, it would freeze and would need to be physically shutdown and restarted.  This has been happening for a while so Monday, I disabled ESET Endpoint (5.0.2214) and it has not froze since.  My guess is that the real-time protection is causing the problem, but not sure the best way to sort it.


Any advice would be appreciated. 


We are running ESET Server (5.3.39) and console (5.3.39).



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  • ESET Staff

Hello, ESET Endpoint Antivirus / Security is not intended to be installed on Server operating systems (valid for version 5/6). We do recommend installing ESET File Security (ideally V6, but as you are running v5 of ESET Remote Administrator, you will have to install version 4.5 which is compatible with ERA 5).

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