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ESS 7 Beta - EGUI freezes on export XML AntiSpam log

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It looks like Smart Security beta EGUI freezes on export AntiSpam log to XML file.


Steps to reproduce problem:


     Tools --> Log files --> Antispam --> Export... --> select XML filetype


EGUI freezes every time. There are not many entries - cca 150.

I let it for 5 minutes with no progress (I reckon it should export 150 entries in 5 minutes; exporting to .TXT takes cca 1 second :-) ).

File is created, but it's stuck on 0 bytes.


Export to .TXT and .DAT files works as expected.


This is *Croatian* version; don't know if other languages acts same.









Smart Security Croatian

Windows 7 Pro, 64bit, English

Enough RAM and disk space




Baza podataka virusnih potpisa: 8790P (20130912)
Aktualizacijski modul: 1044 (20130708)
Modul antivirusnog i antispyware skenera: 1406 (20130822)
Modul napredne heuristike: 1143 (20130909)
Modul arhivske podrške: 1177 (20130903)
Modul za čišćenje: 1076 (20130904)
Modul Anti-Stealth podrške: 1053 (20130906)
Modul osobnog firewalla: 1144B (20130904)
Antispam modul: 1026 (20130715)
ESET SysInspector modul: 1237 (20130701)
Modul rezidentne zaštite: 1009 (20130301)
Modul podrške prijevoda: 1110 (20130729)
Modul HIPS podrške: 1095B (20130903)
Modul internetske zaštite: 1080B (20130903)
Modul filtra web sadržaja: 1028 (20121113)
Napredni antispam modul: 1463P (20130911)
Modul baze podataka: 1040 (20130822)


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Your test was not performed with the public beta. Please try to reproduce it with v. 7.0.104 currently available for public testing and regardless of your findings, report the issue to customer care via the built-in form,

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