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Howto Update ERA's Rogue Sensor?

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in the dashboard list for clients with old software it lists era itself with in older rogue sensor, howto update this?

all i can find is that the rogue sensor has to be updated manually but howto to that with the virtual appliance (cent os 6)?





Regards Jens

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, you just need to run "Software installation task" with newer version of Rogue Detection Sensor on this client/server and it will upgrade automatically.

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I just tried this with our installation.

Current version is 1.0.880.0, new version 1.0.1079.0


When I do the software installation on the ERA Virtual Appliance, nothing happens, the software install task remains stuck at planned, without status or progress.

Already tried to reboot the appliance, and also even tried to upgrade from commandline (with the .sh downloaded from the Eset website)

In all cases the RDS is still stuck at version 1.0.880.0

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