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Potentially unwanted application found. Block access? Yes or No


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I get a "Potentially unwanted application found" message asking me: Block access? Instead of the logical 'Yes' or 'No' response options, the options are: 'Disconnect' or 'Ignore'. Selecting 'Disconnect' for each of these messaged seemingly prompts a continual sequence of "Potentially unwanted application found" messages that may continue to the end of time for all I know.


It's not clear to me whether the "Ignore" option ignores the "Potentially unwanted application found" message (i.e. allowing the application to access the website) or ignores the request and prevents access to the said website.


The issue in this case is not about RealNetworks Installer trying to access website cache-download.real.com, specifically. It's about clarity of the message and action options for IT numpties like me.


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Disconnect will terminate the connection so that the last piece of data won't be downloaded. The problem is some browsers may attempt to re-download the file if the connection is interrupted but they usually give up after 3 times. The Ignore option will pass the data and the file will be downloaded completely.

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