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ESET MDM -Communication failed.please check your internet connectivity

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Hi guys ,


I recently added some devices to eset remote administrator for MDM


here my server details


first i added new devices to  eset remote administrator and enroll the devices ,when im enrolling devices this issue popup..
Communication failed.please check your internet connectivity and try again (400)
.bt some 
devices are working fine.all are in the same wifi & i change the wifi bt still not working..
guys pls help me. this is urgent case i have
another 80 devices to add...


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did you install the MDM server just once, or have you ever reinstalled it (for example for testing)? There's a known issue that after a reinstall, it takes some time (~30 minutes) for the new MDM server to correctly report to ERA, in the meantime the server may give out QR codes for enrollment that are invalid. If you try to add one of the failing devices once again (using a new enrollment link / QR code), does it still fail?


When you enter the main MDM URL ( https://mdmhostname:9980, where mdmhostname is the hostname you configured in your MDM settings) into the device's browser, does it display the "MDM is up and running" page? Is there a browser certificate warning displayed before that?

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Hi, i have a similar problem with my mobile android, when i want to link (adopt) the mobile, error 400.


I created the task for mobile enrollment. I openend many port in Azure and Windows Firewall.

First install with Azure market eset era. Server 2012.

Thank you




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