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Connecting Remote Endpoints to Remote Administrator

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We use Remote Administrator 6.4 on our In-House Windows Server.  This manages our ESET Endpoint Antivirus.


Although the majority of our business operates within our Active Directory Domain, we have a few laptops not joined to our domain.  These laptops also never connect to our local network.  How do we allow these laptops to check in with our Remote Administrator  so that we receive reporting to the Endpoint's status?  Is there documentation that details this?


Currently all on-site computers are properly reporting status, and receiving any Policy updates, but our remote laptops cannot.  

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  • ESET Staff

In order to report AGENT must be able to access port TCP 2222 on your SERVER's machine (more in relevant ESET KB3608). Unfortunately further steps require network/routing/VPN configuration changes that solely depends on your internal network infrastructure.


Few tips:

  • AGENTs connecting from external network will most probably access your SERVER by it's external/public hostname therefore make sure your SERVER's certificate is ready for this. Public hostname must be listed in "Host" field of certificate, otherwise external AGENTs won't be able to connect.
  • Many users place their SERVER, or even they install PROXY in DMZ of their network, so that SERVER is not directly accessible from outside network
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