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9.0.402.0 or 9.0.402.1 or what ?


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I can see in the update section of ESET that version 9.0.402.0 is back as a proposed update. However, my wife's PC has been automatically updated to 9.0.402.1 (she's running Windows 7, not Windows 10 like me).


So what ? Is version 402.0 stable again ? Why is my system not "seeing" version 402.1 as a possible update ? Because I'm running Windows 10 ? Should I keep version 386 ?


All these incidents are bothering me. I have always trusted ESET NOD32 since many, many years. Never had so many problems within such a short period of time. It would be nice if ESET could inform us about what's going on since a few days...

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OK. Thanks for the details. But now that version 402 is available again, should I safely update without incurring all the problems I described in another thread ? I don't want to fully restore my system again. I'm unsure. Version 402 was released, then withdrawn, then released again without any version number change... So what ?

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