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Eset Client duplicate entry

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Dear team.


Is there in way to find Only Eset Client duplicate entry. How make report or group that show only Eset Client duplicate entry.


Plz see attach file for more information.


If have any idea plz share with us.



Thanks and regards,

Harshad mistry


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  • ESET Staff

Not sure it is exactly what you want, but it is possible to create report showing count of computer names. This report will show you how many computers are using the same name. Further use of drill-down mechanism will enable you to list computers of the same name.


Report can be defined using this configuration:




Unfortunately it seems it is not possible to filter this report only to computer names with count > 1

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Tanks For replay


Dear team


I explain you what i want to do.


we have 470 user license and every day 8-10 system format, change and replace. now problem is that when We install eset client on these system era create new entry for it.

( After format, change and replace system we provide same ip and name) so we want create template or report that only show us client duplicate entry. if it is possible to create group that show only Client duplicate entry then its easy for us to remove these entry.


Plz see attach file.


thanks and regards.


harshad mistry.


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You did get a response, from Martin, who indicated there was no easy way do create a report.


My suggestion is to simple list all computers, sorted by name. It will only take you 5 minutes to quickly find duplicates by scrolling through the list, and if you do that once a week it won't be a big task.





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Hi Jim.. I don't think u did see my post properly.. I have attached screenshot in my last post. anyways see it properly and then reply that who told "who indicated there was no easy way do create a report." i really dont think this is an easy way... we have to do this manually. but we want that it should be automatic. i mean the task should run automatically when duplicate entry is detected. or there should be a group which detects duplicate entries and i have also provided the acceding sorted report. but the problem is we have so many clients who uses 500 or more computers in a single console and 10-20 computers are formatted on daily basis. so it too lengthy procedure to maintain this manually. i need to open the console page daily and waste too much time behind this. if u have any easy way to maintain this kind of situation then please reply otherwise tell Martin to reply. anyways i saw this feature in othe antivirus' console so i expect this feature from u people also. And Yes, if u haven't solution, then please tell your senior to reply!!!

Thanks and regards

 Harshad Mistry.

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