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Banking and Payment - Return to shop page

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I searched a little and I didn't see anything related to this issue.


I purchased a few things on a shop online, and when I was about to pay, Eset opened Banking and Payment browser, everything fine till this point. I signed in with my paypal account, made the payment and paypal redirected me to the shop, but it redirected me in the Banking and Payment browser, as I was not logged in the ESET browser, the page didn't recognize me, and after waiting a few days to see if the purchase was made successfully, I had to disable Banking and Payment feature and made again the purchase.


I guess it is a known issue given the way it works, and you are working on it to improve it in future releases.



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You shouldn't be redirected to a payment gateway. What url were you redirected to?


Hi Marcos,


I have PM the url flow.


Thank you.

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