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Need help on remote product activation task "Nightmare"


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i Need help on migrating hundreds of pc from our old RED antivirus to green one (eset)

we use :


EEA 6.4

ERA Agent

not all pc have internet connection, about 95% connected to lan


We have installation script setup by our reseller

after installation, we create client task for product activation in ERA and run it on the new client

but not all computer can be activate successfully, much of them failed....


I really think my old RED is better than eset on activation, eset still need huge improvement to catch up..




Many thanks for any responses and answer....



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  • Administrators

How did you attempt to activate clients with no Internet connection? The only way how to activate them is using an offline license file.

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  • ESET Staff

There are two ways how to achieve this:

  1. Computers without direct internet access could configure a connection to ESET servers using a proxy server (proxy has to be connected to the internet). It should be properly configured in tools / proxy server.
  2. Computers without direct internet access could be activated using an offline license file. Such license file could be generated using ESET License Administrator, and imported into ESET Remote Administrator. Please note, that offline license file is product specific, so you have to generate one for EEA and one for EES (if you use multiple products). Concerning the guidance, how to generate offline license file, please check the following KB article: hxxp://support.eset.sk/kb3615/?viewlocale=en_US

However, for better user experience, I would recommend using the proxy scenario, as that would ensure the transparent license update functionality (anytime you do change your license, changes will be reflected on all activated clients).

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