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What is the best way of updating?

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Hi all,


I already had a data center running ERA and some clients. Because we will have a new intranet ,which most of clients can not access internet, I decided to deploy a new ERA proxy in a server. This new ERA proxy server had two nics, one connect to the old ERA, and one can accessed by the client in new intranet.


A simple map:




My question is, which is the best way for my clients to update?


I tried to deploy a apache proxy in ERA proxy server, but the client seems still update from internet, by the ERA proxy. Beacuse the low bandwidth of my internet connection, this progress is very slow.


Is there any way to deploy a update mirror in the ERA proxy server, so my clients can update from the proxy?



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By old ERA do you mean an older version of ERA v6? ERA Proxy can only communicate with ERA v6, not with ERA v5 or older. If you want to update Endpoint v6 clients through an HTTP Proxy, configure it both in the ERA Agent and Endpoint's policy under Tools -> Proxy server.

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