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Eset France (Nexway) Not Responding to Login Details Request


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I purchased Nod32 for Mac on Friday from www.eset.com


The selling party was Nexway France. I immediately received purchase confirmation via 2 emails as follows.


Facture n° 4606568

N° de commande : 17519854


I did not receive any username and password. Next day day I spent like two hours to obtain information but could not so yesterday I sent an email to Nexway with the purchase infromation above. Their response was that I would receive a response within 10 days. You may know that 500 years ago people could travel greater distances (i.e., Paris to Cannes) by horse within several days yet Eset can not process my email in response to my purchase from eset.com. (I would never purchase from Nexway anyway)


This says one thing or two about the way you choose to contact with your clients. Is it not possible to verify that a credit card transaction is associated with an outgoing email containing user name and password ?





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