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Real-time file system protection makes IIS unusable

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We are having problem with Eset File Security 6 running on a Windows Server 2008 conflicting with IIS. When the realtime protection is enabled it appears that Windows can't start any w3wp processes to handle  webrequests. When the realtime protection is disabled the w3wp process can started and requests can be handled. When the w3wp process have been start it is possible to enable realtime protection again without it interfering started w3wp processes.

I've tried, and gotten the same behavior, with version 4.5 of File Security and version 6 of Endpoint security.


Don't know if it's relative but the directory for all website on the server is placed on on a drive with the mapping D:\ Adding the path to the folder containing all site to the exclusion list makes no difference


Both server and anti-virus are running 64-bit software

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Please collect the logs from the server using our ESET Log Collector tool and capture the failed process startup using Process Monitor (manual attached).

With these files ready, please submit a support ticket to your local ESET office who will guide you from there.

Thank you,



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