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Parental Control not set up - I'm not a parent!

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After the latest update I keep getting the message "Attention Required - Parental Control is not Set Up" every time I start the computer.

I'm the only user of the computer but there seems no way of getting rid of the message or reminder. 

The ESET front screen has a link to "set up rules" which only shows my account and as it is an Admin account I don't want to protect anything.


I've tried everything I can think of without success, and I'm not going to create a mythical child account just so I can protect it.


Anyone have a solution to this please?

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If you don't want to use Parental Control (it's disabled by default after installation), open the main gui, navigate to Setup -> Security Tools and disable Parental Control permanently. Alternatively you can open the advanced setup, navigate to Web and email -> Parental Control and disable integration into the system.

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