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ESET continues to run as application in Dockbar

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Typically after installing the ESET application it create a mini version that runs in the menu bar (top right) of the OSX desktop. Just installed version on an iMac running OSX10.11.6 and now it creates theicon as if it were an application I had running and not in the background like Dropbox, or EST  etc. would do with just an icon in menu bar. If I close the application the whole application shuts down and also kills the menu bar application.


What the @#%^ happened? Why is it doing this and how do I get the application out of the dock and just run in the background on the menu bar?

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ESET recently changed the default settings to enable the ESET Icon in the Dock for some reason. Previously, this feedback was passed to the responsible team back in October 2015 starting with the Endpoint versions, but this particular setting has also been enabled and remained on the Home versions too.


You can turn in off by going into the ESET Menu Bar Icon >  Preferences... > User Interface > and uncheck 'Present Application in Dock' or something similar to that. Restart OS X for changes to take effect.

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