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Communication with driver failed. HIPS is inactive


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Hi there


I keep getting the above error message; when I look at the computer protection screen it says that HIPS is inactive, but then when I click on the Setup tab HIPS is set to activate.


I am running Windows 7 with all updates.


Can you let me know what logs or screenshots you need to be able to help me, and how do I go about generating and saving the relevant logs?


Many thanks



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Hi Marcos; thank you. 


This is the result:


Type:  1 Kernel Driver

State:  4 Running

            (Stoppable, Not_Pausable, Ignores_Shutdown)

WIN32_Exit_Code:  0 (0x0)

Service_Exit_Code: 0 (0x0)

Checkpoint: 0x0

Wait_Hint: 0x0


Sorry for transcribing, for some reason when I try to paste I get a message that the image format is not supported.

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Good morning, I have the same problem.

Already I uninstalled the timelessness mode software to network with eset utility uninstalling 1. ESS / EAV / EMSX and 2. SEP.

Then restarted and installed nod32 and whenever completes the installation does not start various services.

I have done the command I saw this forum and the result was:
C: \ Windows \ system32> sc query ehdrv

         STATE: 1 STOPPED
         WIN32_EXIT_CODE: 31 (0x1f)
         SERVICE_EXIT_CODE: 0 (0x0)
         CHECKPOINT: 0x0
         WAIT_HINT: 0x0

C: \ Windows \ system32>

If try to upgrade version gives the error "Communication with driver failed" current version 9.0.386.1.

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If you run "sc start ehrdrv", do you get an error? It could be that you have another software installed which clashes with ESET's HIPS.

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Good Morning,
performed the command shown in the windows command line and got the following result:

C: \ Windows \ system32> sc start ehrdrv
[SC] StartService: OpenService failed in 1060:

The specified service does not exist as an installed service.

C: \ Windows \ system32>


How do I install this service?

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I tried to follow this track and perform this operation, but the pc began to enter loop.



Try the following:

- disable self-defense and restart the computer

- right-click the file C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Smart Security\Drivers\epfwlwf\EpfwLwf.inf and select Install

- if the driver installs alright, re-enable Self-defense


The PC beginning to start the windows wait with balck screen and back to restart.


there are some problem with the EpfwLwf

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