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Issue with IOS Simulators and Web Access Protection


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We have a number of IOS developers who have reported that their IOS Simulators are unable to access any URL from with various simulators while Web Access Protection is enabled on their Macs.


One of the affected applications is xcode 7.3, this is installed on OSX 10.11.6 and running ESET AV Client ver With Web Access Protection enabled it is not possible to access any HTTP URL via Safari or Apps running within the Simulator.


Is there a way to allow selected Apps to by-pass Web Access Protection without disabling it for the entire machine ? has improved our experience with Web Access Protection on Macs in a lot of areas but there are still issues that means we have to disable it.

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  • ESET Staff


What you should do, is to configure the correct application exclusion for WAP (Web Access Protection).

You can do this via application preferences / General / Exclusions / Web&Email and add there the problematic application.


Problem obviously is, that you do not know which one it is (as it might differ from versions of OS X and for different user problems). You can however troubleshoot by doing the following:


  1. Install the ESET Endpoint Security with Firewall enabled in "default" mode
  2. Run X-code
  3. Switch off all of the apps / processes which you are able to ...
  4. Wait till the network communication reaches the minimal level
  5. Switch the firewall to "interactive" mode
  6. Run the iPhone simulator, and replicate the problem
  7. Remember the apps, which has accessed the internet
  8. Add the correct one to the above mentioned exclusions

Hope that this helps.

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