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ESET Smart Security 9 problems with Outlook 2013 under Win10

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As I mentioned in the title of my post, the problem is that Outlook takes forever to open under Win10 when v9 is installed. I don't have this problem with v8. Any ways to solve this? Otherwise I'll have to stay with v8...

I noticed the same problem on another computer under Win7, but disabling the ESET add-on solves the problem, but obviously it's not the best...

Anyone has problems with Outlook 2013 and v9 too?


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I am running the latest Windows 10 64 bit, Outlook 2013 32 bit, and ESS v9 and. I am not having this problem. Questions that may be useful for someone to duplicate the issue or help... How many email accounts? POP3, IMAP, or both? Any 3rd party Outlook plugins? Any other security software?

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