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Are you enjoying the firewall rules layout in Eset v9/v10 vs v8?

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I can't fathom or find any logical reason how v9+ firewall layout is supposedly better than v8. I tried it in v9 and I couldn't get used to the expanded long list so I skipped v9 and waited for v10. After some months later when v10 went into beta, I took the liberty of giving it a go once more to try to convince myself a reason to upgrade from the old since the damn software keeps telling me to upgrade from time to time (need to find a way to block that). It used to just give a ! via taskbar icon that a new version is out so I blocked that from doing so again but now it does an actual pop-up notification to Upgrade now instead. Almost felt a tad annoying as the GWX W10 upgrade program. So I am wondering how you users of v9+ are coping with the firewall layout vs v8's more effective layout imo.


In my view, when I compare the two, these are my pros of v8 vs v9+ layout:


-Compacted to the software .exe alone (while keeping the apps title) for neatness and clarity while retaining individual settings in a tree folder like manner.

-Includes the software's icon for those who find it easier or more comforting to identify by image and/or image + text.

-If a software has been uninstalled, the icon reflects that by removing itself so you can easily see which rule can be removed safely as it is no longer in use.

-Keeps rules in order of when it first initiated a connection to the internet from the top being the oldest to the bottom being the most recent (sadly can't reorganize by name or such if need be for other purposes).

-No need to stretch the window horizontally longer to see 'everything'.

-Is color coded for clarity and ease on the eyes as you can see in the image provided.




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As for the order of rules, the logic behind has changed in v9. In older versions, the priority order was basically from less general rules to more general rules. As of v9, the priority of rules is defined by the order in the rule list. For instance, in v9 you have a search field that enables you to look up desired rules easily which wasn't the case in older versions. I'd like to emphasize that we are seriously considering improvements for the rule editor for future versions so the current look is not final.

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I liked version 8 much better. I wonder if this may be related to a post that I just made about why every outbound network alert displays that every outbound program is merely wanting to visit my ISP's DNS Server? Version 8 told me where each program was trying to reach, if the issue I am having is actually an intended 'improvement' on ESET SS, I certainly hope that it is seriously rethought and reverted, soon! I don't mind if Microsoft Word dot exe visits microsoft.com but what if Microsloth Wurd dot exe tries to visit WeAreGoingToStealYourIdentity.com -- not so good and potentially something that could be missed by an end user -- bottom line is that the end user really needs to know where all outbound traffic is [attempting] to go, period.


Thank you for your time.

Have a nice day.

Dan AKA deloppoled

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Thanks for the info Marcos. I will keep a close eye on future versions and the changes that would be made on it. Who knows, maybe this time it will convince me to upgrade. :D

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