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non-functional stuff

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I did some maintenance work on my computer and I suddenly got this two alerts from my ESET. 

1. Web and mail  protocol filtering is non-functional

2. Anti phishing protection is non-functional 


(attached is a screen shot)


I tried reinstalling twice - same effect... 


I'm running windows 10, 64... 



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Did you install v9 from scratch or over an older version? You wrote that you tried reinstalling ESS. Did you uninstall it first or you performed repair?

Could you collect logs with ESET Log Collector (hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3466/) and pm me the output?

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re: Nod32 V 10 

I have the same issue. A client needed to renew her license and was given a new install (dvd) and license, I presume she installed OVER the existing version. In any case, she called and I uninstalled and rebooted, the downloaded the latest version from the site, and reinstalled and rebooted.

No change. See the picture below: protocol filtering and ant-phishing are NON-functional. Uninstalled again and reinstalled and no change.

Any help would be appreciated. 






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It could be due to problems loading the epfwwfpr driver or problems with superior system services that the protection depends on. Please provide me with the output from ESET Log Collector as requested above.

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