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Banking and Payment Protection Not Working

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Well, I definitely found the problem! I deleted my prior posting since that work around didn't work if a web site used more than one domain.


This morning I was reading a Blackhat .pdf on use of AppContainer by IE10 and 11 in reference to advanced mode EPM. A sentence caught my immediate attention. In essence it stated that applications when installing set whatever AppContainer privileges escalation and exceptions they require. Bingo! The "light came on."


Now this situation of mine is definitely applicable to anyone who has upgraded from Win 7 to 10 and is using IE11. One thing I noticed immediately after I had upgraded to Win 10 was that IE11 had advanced EPM disabled although the same was previously enabled in Win 7. So I immediately enabled advanced setting EPM along with the 64 bit tabs setting.


What happened here is that Eset's required AppContainer privileges and escalations were never set properly for IE11 AppContainer.  Futhermore, I strongly believe Eset's other protections such as exploit protection and the like were not also functioning.


So I uninstalled Eset ver. 9 and reinstalled. Bingo again! Now BP&P functions 100% properly including the injection of BP&P's hook into the AppContainer instance of IE11. I did get a Win 10 crash upon restart after the ver. 9 install but luckily was able to recover by restart again. The crash was due to missing system files? Hope that is the last of that issue.


Eset is not entirely without fault on this one though. I had upgraded from ver. 8 to ver. 9 in Win 10 after advanced EPM in IE 11 had been enabled. Appears Eset's upgrade processing does not check to see if IE11's AppContainer settings are properly initialized.


I will also add that this AppContainer issue as a result of a Win 10 upgrading is not unique to Eset. I also noticed that Emsisoft's Anti-malware was not injecting its hook into an AppContainer instance of IE11. So I am reinstalling that as well.


Interesting, the only security software that was functioning properly in this discussion context was EMET; probably because it was MS based. It was injecting its hook into an AppContainer instance of IE11 immediately after the Win 10 upgrade.

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