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ESET SysRescue Fails To Boot

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System and tools...

  • Dell Latitude E5570 (6th gen Intel CPU)
  • SanDisk Cruzer Blade 16GB USB Flash Drive
  • Latest ESET SysRescue iso and SysRescue Creator as of this post

I had a previous SysRescue install on this USB flash drive, and it didn't boot this E5570 laptop either, though it boots Dell Latitude E5540 and earlier laptops just fine. I did the "erase" function first from the SysRescue Creator, then used the existing ISO of the latest version I download just recently to create the USB flash drive-based Sysrescue. Creates just fine. And the laptop boots to this flash drive.


The problem is what happens after I choose to run SysRescue from the main menu it boots to. I get a command-line error about being unable to update the antivirus modules. This is on top of a bunch of random characters as the background of the terminal-like screen (the same character repeated over and over). The prompt there is eset@esysrescue and I can't launch XWindow or anything. Note that from the menu I can run a memory test (Memtest x86++) and check the drives, but never launch SysRescue.


Looks like ESET SysRescue doesn't work with the latest hardware.


I then downloaded the latest Ubuntu iso, used Rufus to make a bootable flash drive from the same USB stick and pointed it to this Ubuntu iso. That boots the E5570 just fine, no issues.


Can we get a fix for SysRescue please? It seems ESET spends a lot of effort supporting and updating ESET Nod32 and similar products well, but pretty much ignores SysRescue.

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