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Setup Database requiring SSL connection

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Is there any way to specify an SSL connection to the database used on the Remote Administrator? We want to allow only SSL connection to our MySQL instance hosted on Google Cloud (GCE) but I can't find the way to specify the certificates to be used on the connection.


MySQL connection with SSL certs uses the following command:

mysql --ssl-ca=server-ca.pem --ssl-cert=client-cert.pem --ssl-key=client-key.pem \
             --host=[INSTANCE_IP] --user=root --password


Any help is appreciated!

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  • ESET Staff

There is currently no support for this in installers, but you may try to enable it manually - be aware that following steps were most probably never tested and are not supported officially.


Connection string of SERVER is stored in file %PROGRAMDATA%\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Server\EraServerApplicationData\Configuration\StartupConfiguration.ini or /etc/opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Server/StartupConfiguration.ini. By default it will contain something like:

DatabaseConnectionString=Driver=MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver;Server=<DBHOSTNAME>;Port=3306;User=<DBUSER>;Password={<DBUSERPASSWORD>};CharSet=utf8;Database=<DBNAME>;

where value of DatabaseConnectionString= is passed to defined MySQL ODBC driver. You should be able to modify it to use SSL connection and possibly other parameters as described. One last warning - future updates of SERVER (or installation repair) will override this value, or even worse it can fail because of it. Therefore be prepared to restore original fail before upgrading or any problems are detected.

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