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Dynamic Group Template - Computer Domain Membership

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Good Afternoon All,


I am working through Dynamic Group Templates and attempting to setup automation for Policy assignment in a ESET Deployment across multiple domains.

What I am want to achieve is a different policy for each domain and to have this done automatically, not via static administration.


In testing and working with this I have 3 Dymanic Groups,

=> Domain X Group

=> Domain Y Group

=> Domain Z Group


Using Dynamic Group Templates I am trying to filter as follows,

=> If Computer name *.xray.local

=> if Computer name  *.yankie.local

=> if Computer name  *.zulu.local


This will allow me to assign computers to different dynamic groups based on Domain Membership or the last part of a FQDN


Has anyone done this or know how to do this, the template manager seems to want to force me to full computer selection from AD-DS only.


Many thanks,

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When creating your template try using 'Device Identifiers.Identifier Value' instead of 'Computer.Name'  -- This should let you use a mask or 'Contains' for your search. 



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Dynamic group membership is evaluated by AGENT, therefore it cannot be based on computer name available on SERVER. As already mentioned, you can base your dynamic group template on FQDN reported by client. Dynamic group template could use configuration like this:



where first condition defines type of identifier to use and second one will be used to match against identifier value.

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