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Needs to reinstall for ERA6 server. Due to OS corrupted. How to backup and setup in same pc ?

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Dear All,


We have ESET ERA 6 setup on Windows 7 computer as server. Everything for the functionality of ESET is ok, I mean, I can access Administrator console and client pcs getting updates from the same server.


But I have nailed this pc a while ago with windows update and internet explorer in some emergency case, after that windows has been corrupted and now I cannot update windows, so many applications not launching properly (dll errors etc.), not able to upgrade to Windows 10 or "in-place upgrade" to come out of the Operating System issues.


Now my requirement is to take backup of everything for ESET ERA 6, re-install Windows and install ERA6 and restore all those settings ( as there are more than 75 computers been added to this server, if I am not careful, I may need to configure all pcs one-by-one).



Thanks for suggestions !




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  • ESET Staff

Please check documentation reference I posted recently.

Technically all data and configuration is stored in ERA database. Once you are able to migrate it (all data + DB users) to new machine, you will be able to install SERVER so that client's won't see difference and you won't loose any data. I strongly recommend to hold both SERVER's until you are sure new one is operational.

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