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How to import root certificate to Firefox?

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I have repeatedly read that with Firefox 22 or newer, you have to export the root certificate from ESS and import it to Firefox TRCA certificate store manually for https websites to open properly. But how do I do that???



I know that exporting works like this:

Go to ESET Advanced Settings -> Web and email -> Protocol filtering -> SSL -> Certificates -> View certificate (button) -> Details (tab) -> Copy to File... -> DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER) -> Save the file somewhere on the computer.


First question: Is the option for exporting the private key supposed to be greyed out?


Now to my main problem:

When I try to import the certificate to Firefox, I'm asked to enter the password that was used to encrypt this copy of the certificate. Only, as I didn't set any password, I don't have the slightest idea what it could be.


Second and main question: How do I get the password I need to import the exported certificate to Firefox???



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1, Yes, only public key can be exported.

2, Most likely you didn't select the "Authorities" tab before you attempted to import the root certificate.

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Thanks for the help! Now it works just fine! Great job!!!


Must have read over it. That's the problem when English is not your first language. Lame excuse, I know  ;)

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