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Can not add my computer to anti theft after upgrade to Windows 10


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Yestday I upgraded my comp[uter to Windows 10. Since then I got t popup that anti theft is not working. So I tried to add my computer but I am in 'a loop' . Add, download antiteft, read manual, go to my eset product and there we start all over again. I have already a account for my esset.com but I can not add a computer...only by starting a new loop.....


What is going wrong?



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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Juul,


The easy and fast way is to uninstall ESET and reinstall it.


Do this:


(for this example, your computer name is "August")

* download the rigth installer of your ESET Product and save on
  the PC.
* Uninstall ESET and reboot
* Install ESET from the downloaded package.
* Activate only.
* Go to your My.ESET account and delete the computer there with
  the same name of your PC, "August".
* Logoff from My.eset account.
* activate Anti-theft using the login option, and add "August"
  to My.ESET account.
* when access the website, proceed to create the phantom account

Note: with every install anti-theft make a new ID, so old computer
   on My.ESET should be delete because never is going to report

Let us know the results.

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