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ESET Antivirus 7 Beta - My Log

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Hello all,


I recently installed Antivirus 7 Beta 64bit on my laptop. Below are the specs and a log of experiences that I will keep updated. Also a list of applications that are installed.


ThinkPad X220

Core i5 2520M


Windows 7 x64


Programs Installed (not a complete list, just the major players)

Office 2010


Adobe CS4 Suite





Google Chrome



The installation went faster than version 6, seamlessly upgraded as well. I did have to re-input my username/password to activate. It did not prompt me to restart.


System Boot Up

System boot up is a bit faster since the installation.


Other Notes

It does seem there was about 10 minutes of disk thrashing/activity after the install. Not sure what that was about.


I have updated the Graphics/Network driver to see if that impacts anything. (Intel HD Graphics 3000/ Pro1000 adapter)

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