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ERA client task removes more than just antivirus

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I'm fairly new to using ERA, just installed 6.4 this week. I tested an earlier version some months back and didn't encounter this issue.


I made a client task to uninstall the old anti-virus. It is a software uninstall set to "Third-party antivirus software (Built with OPSWAT)".


I've run into the following issues:

-Does uninstall AVG (good!)

-Does not uninstall Avast Business Edition (bad!)

-Does uninstall Firefox (wtf?)

-Does uninstall Malware Bytes (okay, I sort of get this, maybe sees it as an av product)

-Does uninstall SuperAntiSpyware (again, maybe sees it as an av product)


The Firefox thing really got me. We are using the latest 47.0.1, and are running Windows 10 Pro. This has happened on all 3 computers I started testing on,

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We'll enquire the vendor of the remover if this is behavior is intentional. As for Avast BE, what product version is it and what operating system / platform? Currently it does not seem to be listed among supported applications at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3527/.

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