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Conflict between ESET NOD32 v9.0.381 and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and Anti-Malware on ThinkPad X230


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I seem to have a conflict between ESET NOD32 v9.0.381 and the premium versions of Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and Anti-Malware on my ThinkPad X230.

On two desktops with all the same software and versions as the laptop I do not have this conflict, they work fine.

Both desktops and the laptop are running Win7 Home Premium.

On the ThinkPad, when I run NOD32 v9.0.349 everything works fine. But when I upgrade to v9.0.381 neither Anti-Exploit nor Anti-Malware will auto start at startup and Anti-Exploit will not run when I try to manually start it, although Anti-Malware will. I also can no longer open any software that is protected by Anti-Exploit, such as browsers (Firefox, MSIE) and Acrobat Reader.

If I restore the laptop to a date when I was still running NOD32 v9.0.349 everything is fine again until I update NOD32 to v9.0.381. Then the problem is back.

How should I proceed with trying to get NOD32 working again with these Malwarebytes products on the ThinkPad?

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What about running NOD 32 v.8.0.319.0?




Given that alternative I prefer to stick with NOD32 v9.0.349 which is newer.


Since it seems I cannot get NOD32 v9.0.381 to work with Malwarebytes products on my ThinkPad X230 I'm wondering how much I lose by not upgrading NOD32 to  v9.0.381 or v9.0.386 or v9.0.386 (which was pulled yesterday).


Or I can stay with v9.0.349 and wait for v10 which it sounds like is imminent.


Very strange, though, that v9.0.381 works fine with all the same Malwarebytes products on our two desktops, all running Win7 Home Premium 64-bit . . .

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