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ESET Firewall causes BSOD in win7

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Eset is causing BSOD suddenly with no warnings at all


file that causes it eset firewalll driver epfwwfps.sys - i searched eset forum no luck its about windows upgrade mostly


i delete the file in system 32 disable firewall and other network protection, and then i try to connect the internet within minutes it bsod's again , i go to driver directory and see the culprit file is created newly (or downloaded)


i am trying to collect a dump now will post if needed


my eset was up to date always yet it happened , it mainly started after i gave winX permission to download win 10 to pc for upgrade but the download never finished

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Once you have a complete or at least kernel memory dump ready, compress it, upload it to a safe location and pm me the download link. Most likely it's a problem of another driver as I haven't seen epfwwfp.sys to be the cause of BSOD for ages.

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