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Moderating new members?


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Hi everyone,


I almost hate to say this, but...I just happened upon a topic this morning which brought this issue to my mind.  A new member joined and asked for help with an issue.  Another member replied, this was this second person's one and only post.  In that post, he asked for information from the first member which was sensitive and could have compromised the security of the first member's computers had that first member responded.  I reported the post, and fortunately it was taken care of within minutes of my reporting it.  


This is not the first time I have seen something like this happen, where someone is 'helping' someone else and they post a live link, for example.  I know we're not children here and we should be savvy enough to not give personal and risky information to just anyone on an internet message board, and we should know better than to carelessly click on live links just because some unknown person suggests it.  However, not everyone is that aware...and not everyone who joins or chimes in to help is an official ESET staffer or moderator.  There is room for malicious activity, there is room for people to be preyed upon.  


I realize this is inconvenient and extra work for moderators, but would you consider moderating new members for a certain number of posts before their posts are allowed on the board?  

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Near_Far, that's an interesting situation. As I am not a Moderator, I am interested to see if and how this could be handled. But I would think that would all depend on number of new members received on a daily basis. Mentoring is not a bad idea, but it may not be feasible in this situation. And you are correct, there is lots of questionable activity all over the web.    :ph34r:



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Well there have been several occasions when I have wanted to de-link live links to possible malware sites, but since I am unable to do that, reporting the post and write a short message was all that could be done until an ESET Mod get's online and see that someone has reported that post.


But that's not really the members fault as all they want to know is, why ESET blocks access or detects a threat on their website, and what can be done about it.


Though, I have never seen this problem where a new member requests what can be considered sensitive information from another member on the ESET forum. But that's not good of course... :unsure:

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