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not inform of update version

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why my version didnt inform me of the availability of the 6.2 version  ??   


iMac mid 2007

OS X 10.9.5 (Maverick)

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ESET usually informs users of a new version a little longer past the initial release, and will eventually notify all users about this new version.

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I believe the 6.2.6.x release was around July 7, with the following change log:


  • Fixed: Version check displayed correctly if changelog contains non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed: Kernel panic in Uninstall during high load
  • Fixed: "Shut down computer after scan" functionality causes shut down at every system startup
  • Fixed: GUI crash caused by enabling removable media blocking
  • Fixed: Media Control shows blank entry in scan targets when connecting disk with hidden partitions
  • Fixed: Problem with random crashes of esets_deamon process
  • Fixed: esets_proxy deadlock causing the HTTP freeze
  • Fixed: Problems loading websites when Web Access Protection is turned on
  • Fixed: License expiration date not visible when using custom date format defined in OSX
  • Fixed: Minor changes in the product’s GUI descriptions and tooltips
  • Added: Hide/show notifications from the Protection Status screen (E.g. License expiration, Web access/Email protection or Computer restart required)
  • Added: Increased compatibility with OS X during scanning network volumes by real-time scanner
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