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Automatic remote installation on only newly added computers

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Is that possible to create a task for example an Agent Deployment task that gets executed automatically only on machines that newly added to a dynamic group?


I know there is a trigger named Dynamic Group Members Changed. But it is my understanding it is invoked on all members when the contents of a Dynamic Group change. Am I correct?


Any reply would be appreciated.

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  • ESET Staff

Only computers with already installed AGENT can be members of dynamic group.

Regardless of example, there is no way how to execute it only on newly added computers, especially not for "Server tasks". Server task are executed on SERVER, therefore they are not operating with joined client's list.

In case you are interested in execution of "client tasks", there is possibility to use Joined Dynamic Group Trigger. Unfortunately there is also no way how to run task only on first joining of group -> there is no guarantee task will be executed only once.


Could you please describe you scenario, i.e. what are you trying to achieve?

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Many thanks for the reply.


Actually, I want Agent and EES to get automatically installed on any computers that joins ERA.


Please consider this scenario:


I have created a Static Group Synchronization that syncs ERA with the Active Directory every day. Consequently computers are being moved to the group selected in the Static Group Synchronization task. The reason I asked that question is because I wanted the installation is being done by Agent Deployment and Software Install tasks automatically once a computer joins the ERA.


Based on your explanation it seems I should manually move new computers to groups that Agent Deployment and related Software Install tasks are assigned to them.


Thanks again.

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