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Blocking storage devices

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Hello, I wish to use the Device Control feature to block all storage devices (SATA, USB or otherwise) from interacting with my computer (being read/written to), however I am having some issues.


Firstly, if I go into Setup > Computer Protection > Device Control, then click the 'edit' link next to either rules or groups there is a populate button that is supposed to detect connected storage devices. This populate button opens up a new window for me, but the window is empty, the list does not actually populate. How might I fix this?


Secondly, it is unclear to me how to properly achieve the task at hand; to block all storage devices except those I explicitly state are to be allowed.


Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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My QA tester reminded me that if you have just clicked "Integrate into system" that you need to do a computer restart before continuing. After doing the computer restart, the Populate did detect all connected devices on our test machine. 

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