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Email notification Testing

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I have setup email notifications via:

Enter advanced setup -> Tools -> Alerts and notificatons


Is there a simple way of testing this functionality?

A "Send test email" button would be useful as sometimes SMTP servers can behave in an unexpected fashon, firewalls can block transmission etc.


How have others adress this problem?

Trying to infect myself is a counter intuitive way of setting up an AV system. https://forum.eset.com/topic/535-setting-up-and-testing-alerts-notification/

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Gave it a try.

Not sure I like downloading something which behaves like a virus so I hope it is indeed benign.

The file happily triggers ESET virus detection so perhaps a step forward.


Has anyone used the email reporting. Does it actually work because I can't get it to do anything.



Posted too soon.

Looks like I need to restart the computer for setting changes to take effect and outgoing email address has to look like a valid email address for my SMTP server

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