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ERA Endpoint Antivirus for OS X deployment fail


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I have been trying to remotely upgrade Endpoint Antivirus on Mac OS X 10.11.5 from version 6.1.16 to 6.2.7 on one of the clients, but every deployments comes back with the same error massage: "Failed to synchronize package repository" - what does this mean?


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it means AGENT is not able to download metadata & installer package from ESET repositories (hxxp://repository.eset.com). It is most probably caused by blocked internet traffic on this client or invalid HTTP proxy configuration in AGENT's settings.

Is this problem limited to this one specific client? Can you manually check whether ESET repositories are available, i.e. accessing for example this changelog file for EEA There may be more specific error in trace.log located on client machine (/Library/Application Support/com.eset.remoteadministrator.agent/Logs/trace.log) in case nothing else helps.

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